The history of Tirhandil

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The history of Tirhandil

2023-03-07 |



Tirhandil gulets are a type of traditional Turkish sailing vessel that have a rich history dating back centuries. The word "tirhandil" comes from the Turkish word for "arrow," and these boats are known for their sleek and speedy design.

Historically, tirhandil boats were used by the fishermen and sailors of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. They were built using traditional wooden boat-building techniques, with a narrow hull, a high bow and stern, and a single mast with a triangular sail. These boats were perfect for navigating the shallow waters and narrow straits of the Turkish coastline.

Over time, tirhandil boats evolved to meet the changing needs of their owners. Some were used for transportation of goods and people, while others were used for fishing or even as pirate vessels. Today, tirhandil gulets are popular among tourists who want to explore the stunning Turkish coastline and islands.

In recent years, tirhandil gulets have undergone a resurgence in popularity. Many have been restored to their former glory and modernized with modern amenities such as air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. Despite these modern touches, the traditional design and craftsmanship of these boats have been preserved, making them a unique and authentic way to experience the beauty and history of the Turkish coastline.

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