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Aganlar Shipyard & Marina

Aganlar Shipyard & Marina

Aganlar was founded by Erol Ağan in 1961. It is now managed by Erol Ağan's sons; Mazlum, Cem and Erdem Ağan. Aganlar Shipyard, located in İçmeler, Bodrum, the most popular holiday city on the Mediterranean coast, is a place where all kinds of yacht design, engineering, repair and maintenance and accommodation services can be provided, and it has an unrivaled reputation especially in the manufacture of Wooden Bodrum Gulet. Aganlar Shipyard Inc. With over 60 years of experience, it provides turnkey services to yacht owners in yacht projects of all types and sizes. Since the vision of Aganlar Shipyard is “You dream it, we will make your dreams come true”; It is one of the most important goals of our company to grow this sector, which is becoming increasingly important, with our ISO certificate at the highest standards and our understanding of quality.

Ağanlar Shipyard & Marina maintains its pioneering position in Turkey's sailing, motor yacht, superyacht, and all marine vessel services. Established by Erol Ağan 63 years ago, this facility is known for its high-quality service and unparalleled expertise.

Ağanlar Shipyard & Marina strengthens its position in the industry with Turkey's largest yacht lifts. This infrastructure enables us to easily conduct maintenance, repair, and reconfiguration of all types of yachts. Managed by a team specialized in Refit & Rebuild services, our facility offers meticulously prepared solutions for every project.

Among the teams shaping our projects are experienced project engineers, shipbuilding engineers, and master craftsmen. Additionally, our competent office staff provides the necessary support and coordination to understand our customers' needs and manage projects efficiently.

The success of Ağanlar Shipyard & Marina is built on our expert employees, who meticulously handle every detail to successfully complete Turkey's most prestigious refit projects. Our customers come from all over Turkey each year to have their boats fully serviced and repaired by our experienced team.

Our facility provides one of Turkey's best refit services by annually serving dozens of boats. Throughout this process, we strive to meet and exceed our customers' demands and expectations. Ağanlar Shipyard & Marina adopts an approach that aims for excellence at every step.

Ağanlar Shipyard, located in one of Turkey's coveted spots, operates in Bodrum. Offering marina services for boats wishing to stay on water or land, our facility is conveniently located just 3 km from the center of Bodrum and a short distance from Bodrum Castle. With a distance of 39 km to the airport, our location is easily accessible. Our shipyard and marina are just a 5-minute drive from Bodrum's most famous businesses.

Spanning 47,000 m2, our extensive shipyard boasts a 272-meter quay. Our marina has a total capacity of 180 boats, with 30 in the water and 150 on land. In both summer and winter seasons, we cater to super yachts up to 65 meters in length. We have 4 mega-sized repair and maintenance hangars. Additionally, we offer free canopy services for boats staying at sea.

Not only dedicated to serving the industry but also making meaningful contributions to the community, we actively participate in significant events like the Bodrum Cup and various social assistance projects.

Ağanlar Shipyard & Marina adopts an approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction and is equipped with Turkey's largest yacht lifts and expertly managed Refit & Rebuild services. Ağanlar Shipyard & Marina will continue to advance its position in the industry, always representing quality and excellence.